Database Development





When we talk about database development, we are talking about defining, designing, developing and deploying a complete database solution. We deliver database centric applications that have the following characteristics:

Data Intergrity
For your database to be useful, it is going to have to be complete. Your business rules are going to have to be enforced throughout the system, and required data must be filled in. So our first goal is to make sure good data makes it to the system, and stays that way.

Our job is to make sure that your confidential and valuable information housed in the database is safeguarded. We go further than just employing a login screen into your database. Each application has varying levels of security or roles. That way only certain people can delete records or make bulk changes.

We realize that the speed and response of a system play a major role in its acceptance hence the employment of careful database design procedures so as to speed information retrieval.

A user-friendly database system feels like a good glove. The system needs to hide complexity.

If your project involves the following database technologies then we can help:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle